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Whether it is due to the fact that she lives in a town steeped in civil war history or because of her fondness for such writers as William Faulkner, Eudora Welty and Katherine Ann Porter is up for debate, but Charlotte Hughes brings a welcome shot of Southern comfort to her readers.

Raised in South Carolina and Texas, Charlotte comes by her feel for the South- its voices and traditions- honestly. “It’s not a perfect place but my roots are here and the characters that populate my books are the people that I have grown up with.” She describes her mother as the heroine of her life. “She taught me the value of hard work- something I have never been afraid of- and that’s allowed me to remain a highly motivated individual.”

Although she majored in English and communications, Charlotte maintains that most of what she has accomplished is self-taught. “I always read a lot, and one day, while running a day care center, I picked up a Silhouette romance. That book saved me- I literally ‘saw the light’ and began to write myself.” When her husband was transferred to Kansas City, Charlotte decided to write full-time. “My first category romance manuscript was turned down but I sold the second one. I look at first books as very useful and necessary learning tools of what not to do.”

Since that first rejected manuscript, Charlotte Hughes has gone on to write more than thirty critically acclaimed novels running the gamut from romance to horror, mystery to humor. Charlotte was one of the first category romance writers to secure a top-fifty ranking on USA Today’s list. She has won the respect of both Southern Literary cousins such as Pat Conroy and Janet Evanovich, and her romance peers. A two-time recipient of the Maggie Award, Charlotte has also won the Talisman Award for best short story.

She lives in Beaufort, SC surrounded by beautiful antebellum homes with her two dachshunds, Rambo and Muffin.

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