FAQ (Janet)

What authors do you like to read?
I like Betty and Veronica and Donald Duck comic books. Junie B. Jones by Barbara Park is another favorite. And the books stacked at my bedside include Amanda Quick, Nora Roberts, Elmore Leonard, Robert Crais, Robert Parker, and Ridley Pearson (when I’m feeling brave).

Janet, what is your work day really like?
I drag myself out of bed around six, shove myself into the clothes laying on the floor and plod down the road after the dog. I eat a boring breakfast of skim milk, orange juice and healthy cereal because when I wake up I always think I’m Christie Brinkley and it seems like something Christie would do. Then I shuffle into the office I share with a really rude parrot. The dog follows after me and flops onto his bed to take a nap. (Next time around I want to be my dog.) I stare at the computer screen for about four hours, sometimes actually typing some sentences. I chew gum and drink green tea to keep myself from falling out of my chair in a catatonic stupor. At noon I’m suddenly filled with energy and rush to the refrigerator, hoping a pineapple upside-down cake with lots of whipped cream has mysteriously appeared. Finding none, I make a tuna or peanut butter and olive sandwich. I go back to my office and visualize myself getting exercise. I play an amazing game of mental tennis. In my mind’s eye I look great in the little tennis dress. Very athletic. When I’m done playing tennis I stare at the computer screen some more. When nothing appears on the screen I drive down to the local store and buy a bag of Cheez Doodles. I eat the Cheez Doodles and manage to actually write several pages. When I’m done with the Doodles and pages I wander out of my office looking for someone to whine at because I just made myself fat. (I’m only Christie Brinkley in the morning. In the afternoon I’m Roseanne.) I alternate typing and whining for the rest of the afternoon until about five when I emerge from my office, once again hoping for the pineapple cake.

What kind of movies do you like?
My favorite movies are ones that make me happy.  I like romantic comedies — movies that make me feel good.  I don’t get out to the movies much and do most of my movie watching in my living room on DVDs.  I love the old classic “screwball” comedies like Cary Grant and Katherine Hepburn in Bringing Up Baby, and more modern ones like Katherine Heigl in 27 Dresses.  That movie is one of my recent favorites and it’s kind of ironic that Katherine plays Stephanie Plum in the One For the Money movie.  She’s also really good in that one, too.



Currently, what kind of pets do you have?
In the dog department, we have a Havanese named Ollie, who pretty much rules the Evanovich house.  He’s cute and fuzzy and instantly makes friends with any visitor.  I also have an Alexandrian parakeet, named Ida.  Ida keeps me company in the office while I work and likes to drop pieces of chewed up fruit on Ollie’s head.  When I first got the bird, we thought Ida was a female (thus the name).  Later on, the vet told us she was a he.  It was a little late to give him another name.

Where do you live these days?
I spend most of the year at our house in Florida.  I like it because the weather’s great most of the year and even in the dead of winter, I can take a walk and look at the water.  Of course, it’s a short walk because I have to get back to work.

You go on book tours twice a year.  Do you like touring?
I do.  As a writer, I spend a lot of time by myself… writing.  It’s fun to to get out and meet the readers, and have a chance to talk to someone other than my bird.  However, I think my favorite part of book tour is room service!

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