Meet Katherine Heigl – Stephanie Plum


Katherine Heigl as Stephanie Plum

Katherine Heigl is on the case as Stephanie Plum.

Katherine Heigl has been in 27 Dress, Knocked Up and Grey’s Anatomy.  To help you get to know our silver screen Stephanie better, Katherine answered a few questions for Janet…

Janet:  Have you ever eaten a peanut butter and olive sandwich?  If not how close have you come?
Heigl:  No I have not but all this talk of them makes me kinda wanna try one! My favorite weird food combo is bologne cream cheese roll ups, so delicious!

Janet:  What were you for Halloween, and what’s your favorite Halloween candy??
Heigl:  I was a fashionable witch! To be honest I’m terrible with costumes so I just threw on some black, a great pair of heels, a witch’s hat and called it a day. I love them all especially the fun size snickers, but candy corn is my favorite classic!

Janet:  Have you ever had a car blowup on you?  Has your car ever been squashed by a garbage truck?  Did you ever have to parallel park a car the size of the QE2?
Heigl:  I’m an excellent parallel parker if I do say so myself. I had to learn on my parents Mazda mini van. However before I actually got my driver’s license my high school boyfriend let me drive his stick shift Toyota. It was lovely to have the opportunity to learn how to bottom out going too fast over a hill, or how hard you can back into a stone wall before it leaves a dent, on someone else’s car.

Janet:  Have you ever gotten your hair done at the mall, and if so, how bad was it?
Heigl:  I had my hair chopped off at the airport once while waiting for a flight. Not sure what inspired me to do it but I am certain the cut made me look 20 pounds heavier… maybe it was just all the heavy cream I was using on my cereal…anyway needless to say it was not my best look.

Janet:  What was your favorite scene to shoot in One for the Money?
Heigl:  Probably the scene where Grandma Mazur shoots the chicken. There’s nothing more hilarious then a bunch of grown men standing around a roast chicken debating the best way to blow it up! Well… there is one thing more hilarious… watching Debbie Reynolds do the honors!


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