Meet Jason O’Mara – Joe Morelli


Jason O'Mara as Joe Morelli

Jason O'Mara looking smokin' hot as Joe Morelli.

You may have seen Jason O’Mara in Band of Brothers, Life on Mars, or more recently, Terra Nova.  To help you get to know our silver screen Joe Morelli better, Jason graciously agreed to answer a few questions for Janet…

Janet:  What’s your all time favorite movie (not counting One For the Money)?  Personally, I’m torn between Ghostbusters and Blues Brothers.
O’Mara:  I’m a bit of a buff so always a tough one to answer. Star Wars is #1 because of the effect it had on me but because that’s a boring answer, I would say after that it’s probably ‘The Godfather 1 & 2′ (I also love ‘Goodfellas’) but I recently saw ‘Once Upon A Time In The West’ again – what a masterpiece!

Janet:  Do you have any pets and do you have any experience with large, orange, hungry dogs?
O’Mara:  Heh heh. I grew up with boxer dogs (not as big as Bob but big enough!) and I love them. My family and I want to get one, but our current lifestyle doesn’t allow for it (too much traveling). Although we do have the coolest cat on the planet who is very much like a dog. His name is Oliver – he comes when he’s called, he always wants to play and he loves just hanging with us – just like a dog! If we make 6 or more Stephanie Plum movies I’ll be able to own a bunch of dogs, each with their own limo driver!

Janet:  Boxers or briefs?  I’m just asking on behalf of the ladies…and some of the men.
O’Mara:  Boxers. Always Boxers. But when shooting action scenes, briefs. ALWAYS briefs.

Janet:  What was your favorite scene to shoot in One for the Money?
O’Mara:  There were a load of them. But my favorite was probably the shower scene. Katie and I got to let it all out (her more than I!) and have fun in the playing of it. There was a bit of improvisation too which keeps me on my toes. Morelli has her where he wants her (naked and shivering in a tub) and is enjoying every minute of it!

Janet:  You know the tables get turned in Two for the Dough, don’t you?  Stephanie kicks Morelli out of the car, naked.  Except for his gun.
O’Mara:  Yeah, I read ‘Two’. I loved it and I think I remember Katie saying it was one of her favorites too. Let’s hope we get to shoot it! (But if we do, let’s hope it’s in the summer – the cold does not flatter me – or any naked man, as a matter of fact!)

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